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Here you will find all information about new functions on the PHD platform.
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New: Start workflows with the chip number

New: The digital vaccination booklet ("VBooklet")

The two workflows "create dysplasia evaluation" and ‘create patellar luxation evaluation" are now started by entering the chip number as first step. 

Release-Notes Unique Chipnumber UCN

A new function is now available to pet owners on the PHBooklet platform: the VaccinationBooklet ("VBooklet"). This allows pet owners to digitally record their pet's vaccinations in a structured way.

Release-Notes "VBooklet"

Software-Update Release Notes

Finalising dysplasia & pat lux evaluations

With the latest update of the PHD platform, even more breed clubs are available. There are also changes and improvements to the HD/ED and patellar luxation workflow. It is now possible to delete reports that have already been started and select the language for the report. All other news can be found here: 

Release-Notes Dysplasie

Release-Notes Patellaluxation

As of 21 December 2023, the workflow for both dysplasia and patellar luxation assessments on the PHD platform has been adapted. All further information can be found in the documents below. 

Release-Notes Dysplasia

Release-Notes Patellarluxation

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