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About Us

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PHD AG is a public company that is 100% owned by the Swiss Association for Small Animal Medicine SVK-ASMPA.  

It is for the SVK ASMPA a great concern to support you with the PHD on the way to digitisation and to offer you a tool with the new PHD in which the health data of your patients is available to you at any time and from anywhere. With the PHD, the Swiss Association of small animal doctors and the SVK-ASMPA would like to make their contribution to animal health and animal welfare.  

The two dysplasia commissions of the Universities of Zurich and Bern were available to the SVK-ASMPA with important inputs for the area of HD/ED reports. Thanks to your support, we can guarantee a smooth process from uploading the documents to issuing the report. 

We stand for Swiss quality: the Pet Health Data PHD was developed in Switzerland, the data is stored in Switzerland and is subject to the Swiss Data Protection Act. Data stored in the PHD can be shared with animal keepers via the PHBooklet. The PHBooklet is subject to the same high data protection conditions as the PHD. 

For questions and further information please contact the office of the PHD AG. 

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