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PetHealthData –

Your platform for animal health

The solution from the Swiss veterinary community for veterinary practices, pet owners and patients

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  • The PHD platform can now be used to submit dysplasia and patellar luxation reports and as a referral tool.

  • Instructions for the initial registration as well as answers to frequently asked questions can be found under FAQs and in the tutorial as well as under instructions.

  • If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact our support team:

  • The PHD-AG now provides you with postcards with a direct link to the PHBooklet. You can order them here. Please provide your address and the amount of postcards you would like to order. 

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What is the PhD?

The platform gives you access to your patient's health data anytime, anywhere.

The PHD lets you: 


Submit health data 

The platform for the secure transmission of HD/ED reports, X-ray images and preventive examinations for patellar luxation.  


Enter vaccinations (in development)

The digital vaccination card for your patients, which automatically sends vaccination reminders to your customers on request. 


Upload documents

The safe place for all other medical findings such as laboratory, referrals, health certificates, blood group ID, photos, etc. 


All details at a glance

Explore all the features and benefits that the PHD offers you.  


Save all medical findings and results here. 

Certificate of descent

Store the family tree of your patients and have it to hand anytime, anywhere. 


Upload health-related documents and share them with the target group of your choice. 

Vaccinations (in development)

Record all vaccinations of your patients or validate the animal owners' entries. 


Keep track of all your patients or customers in the PHD. 

Management system

Make all other changes here: personal data, access permissions, etc.  

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